The End

I think it's fairly clear that this blog has sadly gone defunct, but I wanted to make an official post so people knew. Unfortunately, I got swamped late last year by finishing my Master's thesis, which included going out of the country for 5 weeks where I had limited access to a camera and very little time to blog. I then had a series of unfortunate (and fortunate) events happen in my personal life that took up a lot of my time, including moving to Seattle, WA. At the same time, Rubie went back to NYU for her final semester of undergrad while working full-time. Hence, this blog got swept under the carpet for the time being and it seems a bit late to dust it off. If you are interested, you can find my blogging online in two other places:

Dressing Myself Is Hard: a Tumblr I created just to post my outfit pictures at, much like this blog but sans commentary. Please feel free to follow it!
Girlrenegade.Blog: My personal aesthetics blog, part of my website, where I post design, fashion, and other pictures and musings.

Again, thank you to all who read and followed this blog while it lasted!


Hair By the Year 2010 - 2004

I always enjoy the celebrity versions of these that they do in InStyle or whatever. I was watching The September Issue for my thesis the other day, and Tonne had one of those pages of of Sienna Miller's hair, so I decided to make one of my own! I've changed my hair colour three times this year, but it's all subtle shifts of blonde. I've only ever been a non-blonde once in 2005.

Click to Enlarge

I also tried to braid my hair across my crown because I'm trying to grow out my fringe the other day, but ALAS it is not in me. Plus my widow's peak makes it look awk. I will never look as cute as Rubie does with hers. Or Lauren Conrad. Since the beginning of the year or so, I've been rolling my bangs back when I want them out of the way and I really like it. I used to always backcomb it into a poof, but I'm sort of over it. I tried an off-center poof for awhile, but I really like it rolled back and I think it will look even cuter as my bangs get longer and I can make it more dramatic.

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Other discoveries: Most of 2006 are only of pictures of my friends and I in clubs, my acne has really improved, and I am MUCH better with my angles and taking my own picture.


Is there anything worse than getting sick in the summer?

I know, I said I was going to update 3-4 times a week rather than trying to do it daily, partly because I find it gets overwhelming to have soooo many posts waiting each morning in my Google Reader. Also, I like people to take the time/HAVE the time to read each post and reply to it without feeling awkward because it's an "old post". Saying that, here I am today. I actually feel pretty awful. I have some sort of vile throat illness going on that has been lingering for days and now, after an epic shopping adventure to Nordstrom and Best Buy (my mom is getting a pimp new front loading washer!), I feel awful, achy, exhausted, and have that horrible hot throat feeling. I think once I'm done with this post I'll make myself a mug of "homemade cough syrup": Irish whiskey, lemon, honey, and hot water.

Shirt: Talbots, Jeggings: H&M, Shoes: Coach, Cardigan: Only Mine (?? It's from Nordstrom), Necklace: Thrifted

It wasn't as cool today as yesterday, but I still didn't feel like wearing shorts. For one thing, I desperately need to do laundry. I was sort of in a quandary about what to wear because I knew I was going to go to Nordstrom to buy a specific item and wanted something that would be easy on/off, hence the jeggings. Also they were clean, haha.


What I actually went to buy was...Bridget Jones worthy truly huge knickers. AKA Spanx. I have a taste for the old hot pants and bodycon cotton-spandex dresses and lately I've just been feeling like I could use a little extra shaping/support under them for my stomach. I have a bit of an awkward build where my stomach sort of drops off like a ledge. Add to that I gain weight in my stomach (WHY?!) and it's a whole world of needs Spanx/not-so-much, especially when I'm feeling bloated or just rundown. So we'll see how these pants work out


Do you guys like these shoe detail shots? I love these shoes. I got them at Nordstrom Rack on an insane discount that was something like 90% off. I think they were, like, $28. You can see another picture of them here.


The dog days are over

Apologies for the lack of updates lately. I've been swamped by my dissertation, which is due in TWO WEEKS, and I'm still only two-thirds of the way done with! It's also been hot and the two factors have combined to make me 1.) unhappy 2.) wear a lot of dumpy cut-offs with old tee shirts and 3.) not want to update/not checking blogs. Anyway, this is a resolution to start updating more. I am aiming for a 3 times a week update of outfit pictures, plus maybe a once-weekly feature TBD because I haven't decided what I want it to be yet.


Today was weirdly cold after it being over 100F on Tuesday and Wednesday. I think the high was 72F! So I thought that justified wearing tights with my shorts today.

Shorts: Primark, Cardigan, Tank: H&M, Shoes: Miz Mooz, Tights: DKNY

I am not a huge fan of these tights. I usually wear the more opaque ones, but somehow I got these sheerer ones and they snag on my fingernails when I put them on and they are super soft (not a con, I guess), but they're good for days like this when it isn't hot or cold.


It's hard to tell in these pictures (maybe?) but I dyed my hair! It's an ombre ala Drew Barrymore and I'm really excited for it to grow out. Today was one of the first days it really started to look ombre. I need a few more inches of outgrown, honestly, but I'm pretty happy with it.



LA essentials

Two months into LA life, I'm loving it more than I ever thought I would. Here are some of my summer essentials in LA...

Shrimp tacos from Calbi truck

Tacos from a truck
Shrimp tacos from Calbi BBQ

Patterned shortsPatterned shorts

Flowy, patterned shorts
Hei Hei (@ Anthropologie) , H&M Garden Collection

Ray bans

A classic pair of sunglasses

Beach life

Of course...beach life.
Santa Monica Beach

Lippmann Collection Across the Universe

Punchy, glitzy nail color
Lippmann Collection "Across the Universe"

Tropical Shaved Ice

Hawaiian shaved ice
Lime, vanilla, cherry, with condensed milk & vanilla ice cream